Futuristic, soulful, groovy, psychedelic, electronic.

Born in 1975 in Paris, Thomas Dubreuil started taking piano lessons at 6 and music-theory lessons at the conservatory at 8. He studied cinema and worked in the film industry for a few years before becoming an electronic-music producer. Under the names Altöm, Ocean and now Voyager, he has released over 90 tracks on international labels such as Neurobiotic Records, Spirit Zone, Tip World, Solstice, 3D Vision, Moon Spirits, Maia, Liquid and Solid, United Beats, Iono Music, Flow Records, Blue Tunes, Spun Records, and now TechSafari Records.

He started Altöm in 2000 and the project made him known worldwide with the 2002 release of his “Hologram” album, Neurobiotic Records’ best-selling album to this day. A second album, “Groove Control,” was released in 2004 on the same label. He traveled the world, making crowds dance in Japan, Mexico, Israel, Brazil, United States, Russia, Morocco, Italy, Germany, and throughout whole Europe. In 2007, Thomas moved to Barcelona and created his project Voyager as an extension of Altöm, offering refined sounds, deep atmospheres and intoxicating melodies : Intelligent music with an outstanding production, that reaches down straight to your soul. He continued his journey, making people’s heart resonate on dance floors in Canada, India and all over the world. He also founded Resonant Step, a music and sound-design company that combines his passion for music and image. Now in 2016 comes a new groovy, psychedelic album from Voyager : “The Source”, produced between Barcelona, Paris and Montreal. Nine tracks coming out on Canadian label TechSafari Records.

“Everything you are going to be, you already are. What you are looking for is already within you. You are extensions of this powerful Source Energy and the power is within you.”

Biography written by Karine Désilets.

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